Our Health Ministry encourages health and well-being through education and support to help the congregation care for themselves and one another. It is an outreach to the community, offering classes, workshops, and counseling on various health and wellness topics.

Our Health Ministry helps you attain, maintain or regain best possible health:

  • A Pilates exercise class to improve your strength and balance
  • Find a support group for overweight, 12-step programs, grief, etc.
  • Pray with one of our Prayer Servants one-on-one during Sunday worship
  • A Prayer Shawl for you or a friend who is ill or recovering; person who knits the shawl prays for you at the same time


Through planned social activities for the congregation we have fun and get to know each other.

Our Parish Life Ministry helps us have fun:

  • Meet monthly with the Lunch Bunch
  • Visit, eat and laugh at Sunday Coffee Fellowship after our worship service
  • Game Nights once a month!


In many ways, members of CTK are helping to make the world a better place. Right here in our neighborhood, and by supporting programs around the globe, we want to be folks who don't simply talk about their beliefs. We put them into action.

Our Social Ministry finds out just how rewarding God's work can be:

  • A monthly canned food collection is made for Tri-City Volunteers
  • A "Souper Bowl Sunday" collection supports a local charity
  • We join the community to build homes with Habitat for Humanity
  • In the fall, we buy backpacks and fill them with required school supplies to distribute to children needing them, approximately 60-70 backpacks every season
  • Members make pillowcases to donate to S.A.V.E. (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments)
  • Members make ChemoCare totes for women going through chemotherapy. Totes are donated to H.E.R.S. Breast Cancer Foundation.


We support and nourish our congregation and the ELCA through gifts of time, talent and treasure. We care for all of God's creation including the environment.

Our Stewardship Ministry encourages care of our church and our world:

  • Our annual Consecration Sunday: a time to give out of gratitude for God's many blessings and enjoy a celebration luncheon afterward
  • Earth Day: a worship service dedicated to ways we can take better care of our planet
  • We are members of Interfaith Power and Light: a photovoltaic system takes energy from the sun to power much of our electricity
  • Blessing of the Animals: in honor of St. Francis, our animal companions (or a photo) come to receive a blessing in October


During every church service, a member of the Prayer Servant Ministry is available in the sanctuary for personal prayers starting during communion through the end of the service. A prayer session is a time for both individual prayer requests and an opportunity for general prayer with a companion. All are welcome to share in a moment of private companionship.

Our Prayer Servant Ministry helps us speak with God together:

  • Pray privately with a member of our church community
  • Taking time to reflect on life and commune with God in a confidential environment within the public church space
  • Relief of burdens and the chance to express gratitude or requests


As Lutherans, we share a commitment to spreading God's word - and sharing God's love - in the world. To live our lives in and for Christ in both church and society - that's at the heart of discipleship.

Our Evangelism Ministry finds ways to share faith with others:

  • Weekly Bible study with wide-ranging discussions open to all
  • Growth and health for our congregation through participation in church development programs with our local sister churches
  • Special worship services can be planned for dealing with grief and loss, health issues, etc.


Provides regular maintenance of the property to keep it looking beautiful and functioning well.

Our Property Ministry provides a welcoming place for both members and visitors.

  • Drought-tolerant landscape design
  • Painting and cleaning building exteriors and interiors
  • Building maintenance: Electrical and bulb replacement, plumbing and drains, irrigation system, heating and A/C


As one of the newest ministries, the Tech Ministry seeks to integrate technology into worships services and expand communications online.

Our Tech Ministry is a group that focuses on integrating youth into the worship service beyond the education leading up to Confirmation.

  • Slideshows to assist in worship service participation
  • Keeping youth connected with worship service after acolyting duties are completed
  • Reaching out through webservices to congregation members and community members


Lectors & Assistants: Jan Holbrook
Parish Life: John Burnett
Prayer Shawls: Debbie Pollak
Property: Bill Kemp
Social Ministry: Laurel King
Tech Ministry: Ina Ketcham

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