Table Talk

Volume 60 Issue 1-2

January-February 2018

Pastor's Message

As we begin the 2018 calendar year...

Grace and peace to you as we begin the 2018 calendar year. As I write to you, the church year has just begun with Advent, moved through Christmas and we are now in Epiphany. Soon will be Transfiguartion Sunday followed by Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, February 14th. The year is off to a valiant beginning.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it is important to be mindful of the present. By present I mean, those presents we received at Christmas time and the one we received some 2000 years ago (and continue to receive each and every day), the gift of Jesus. During our Bible study and sermon time, I have shared with you how a present can be a nice-little-something wrapped in a box with a bow, and it can also be time shared wiht someone, e.g. gathering for a meal, paying a visit, calling on someone who may be lonely, or lending a listening ear. ALong these lines, when I was a small child I can remember sitting with my grandmother the first part of January with the Christmas cards she received. (Those were the days before "selfie" Christmas cards and when the cards were sent via the US Postal service using a 5 cent stamp.) I would help her put the cards in a neat stack. And then every day in January she would pull a card from the top of the stack, look at the sender's name, say a prayer, and then make it a special point to contact them during the day; perhaps they would go to lunch or tea, or maybe just a simple telephone call to say, "I am thinking about you." Though I haven't been as diligent as she with this spiritual practice, I am mindful of my grandmother's gifts of time and wisdom she shared with me and others, reflecting on and living out how I give and receive gifts of time and energy.

As we are called to grow in our relationship with gracious God, we are also to grow in relationship with family and friends and those we have yet to meet in our communities. We are to move simply beyond self and grow in awareness and compassion for the whole of creation. In closing, I would like to share a poem written by Rev. Howard Thurman entitled The World of Christmas:

When the song of the Angels is stilled.
When the star in the sky is gone.
When the Magi and elders are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flock.
The work of Christmas begins:
To find the lost.
To heal the broken.
To feed the hungry.
To release the prisoner.
To rebuild the nations.
To bring peace among all peoples.
To make music in the heart.
And to share Christ's love with all we encounter.

Council President's Corner

Happy New Year CTK! I am writing this in the first week of Advent, the beginning of the church new year, and my favorite church season. Naturally, this is the time of the year people review the past year and set goals for the up and coming year. Let's recap:

I get voted by council to be president in early January. The next week Pastor Warren asks for an increase in pay until his planned retirement date of June 30th. And the roller coaster begins. The Congregation agrees along with Pastor Warren to move up his departure date to March 12th and still provide budgets compensaion until June 30th.

Thanks to our wonderful community of lay pastors and pulpit supply pastors CTK has uninterrupted service until August 1st, when Pastor Ray Waespi is hired as our interim pastor.

I just want to thank one more time our lay pastors Bob Lawrence, Joe Allen, Bill Kemp, Jim Sepeda, Kevin Bauer, Mimi Bauer, and a special thanks to my son Matt who came up from Southern California to give us an under 30 perspective. I also would like to thank our pulpit supply pastors Jim Brum, Jerry King, Vita Valeriano and Ray Waespi. Thanks, from CTK!

During this period of time we were trying to keep our cost down so we were waiting until July to bring an interim pastor onboard. The council met with Bishop Mark Holmerud, he suggested Pastor Ray be the imterim pastor for our transition. The council had an informal chat with Pastor Ray at a council meeting and we all agree he was a good fit for us, but because of already planned travel he could not start until August. Since Interim Pastor Ray has been doing Sunday service we are more at ease. Worship is relaxed and we are more open to asking God for help deciding our future. I think the whole congregation is very glad Pastor Ray is with us. Thank you, Pastor Ray!

In closing, what a year and reflecting back; for me, the most amazing time I had at church this year was Maundy Thursday. Yes, Maundy Thursday! With some planning that began in 2016 the 4 ELCA churches in Fremont and Newark planned a single service for Maundy Thursday to be held here at CTK. We filled Carlson Hall with a soup supper fellowship followed by filling the sanctuary for Maundy Thrsday worship. It was inspiring to see so many fellow Lutherans that evening.

God bless you and God bless CTK.

Bob Kufeld, CTK Council President

Eternal sanctuary candle for January is given by

Bob and Melinda Kufeld

Eternal Sanctuary candle for February is given by

Ina Ketcham in memory of her father Don D. Ketcham Sr.
also given by
Myrna Stephenson in memory of her husband Jack.

Chancel Flowers

January 7th given by Betty Wargo in celebration of the New Year
January 14th given by Ina Ketcham in celebration of her brother William Ketcham's 65th birthday
January 21st still available for giving
January 28th still available for giving
February 4th given by Myrna Stephenson in celebration of her daughter Jane's birthday
February 11th given by Betty Wargo in honor of her daughter Stephanie's birthday
February 18th through March 25th Lenten Greens donated by Gail Queenan

Silver Barrel Donations for October 2017

60 cans vegetables
5 cans fruit
4 cans cat food
17 brushes
2 packages of combs

Silver Barrel Donations for November 2017

3 frozen turkeys
22 boxes stuffing mix; 1 box corn bread mix
9 boxes potatoes
9 cans fruit; 46 cans vegetables; 3 cans cranberry sauce
3 jars gravy; 10 cans soup; 10 cans chicken broth
1 can olives; 1 jar caviar
2 evaporated milk
1 boz cake mix; 1 package cookie mix
1 can green chilis; 1 can enchilada sauce
2 boxes Jell-O; 1 jar preserved meyer lemons; 2 jar hot peppers
1 jar hot sauce; 1 bottle wing sauce; 1 jar horseradish
1 jar tomato cooking base; 1 jar black bean garlic sauce
1 box fried crisp onions
1 can tuna

Silver Barrel Donations for December 2017

2 turkeys; 2 hams
7 cans fruit; 30 cans vegetables; 1 can cranberry sauce; 1 jar preserves
6 boxes stuffing mix
5 packets mashed potato mix; 3 cans gravy
1 can soup; 1 box onion soup mix; 1 jar beef broth base
1 box cocoa mix
4 boxes Jell-O
2 cans green chilis
1 bag flour; 1 box cornbread mix; 1 bag cookie mix
2 bags dog food; 12 cans dog food; 1 bag cat food; 25 cans cat food

Items were dontated by CTK Members, sorted, counted and delivered to Tri-City Volunteers by Bonnie Immeker and Roseanne Lawrence. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our focus for January is hot or cold cereal.

Tri-City Volunteers want you to know they can use donations of cat and dog food in addition to our regular monthly Silver Barrel donations as they have clients who have pets in need of food as well as themselves.

Upcoming Events and News You Can Use

The 2018 offering envelopes for the New Year are in the narthex. Please pick them up as soon as you are able. Also, if there are no envelopes for you, and you would like some, please lt me know. They do make the job of counting easier. Thank you. Laurel King, Financial Secretary

2018 New Year sign-up sheets Please be sure to check in the narthex and in the hallway. We especially need volunteers to sponsor flowers, candles and Coffee Klatch.

Removal of CTK Christmas Decorations Thank you all so much for coming out Saturday morning, December 9th to help decorate the CTK sanctuary for Christmas. Please mark your calendars for January 6 at 9 a.m. as the designated time for removal of Christmas decorations from the CTK sanctuary. As before, we'll need many helpers to remove the Chrismons and lights from the tree as well as disassemble the tree and pack it away. Also, we'll need several people who are willing and ABLE to climb the high ladders to remove the wreaths and angels and help with packing the Manger scene and all decorations away for another year. We always appreciate any help you can give and with enough people we are usually done no later than 10:15-10:30. Refreshments will be provided.

Lucky Stores stamp collection is back; this time for cookware Lucky Stores has started up a new stamp collecting program to earn cookware. If you shop at Lucky Stores, ask for the paper stamps. There is an envelope, with an explanatory brochure, on the bulletin board to collect the stamps. A member of St. James Episcopal Church will turn them in as they accumulate for Abode Homewarming families. Program is running from now and into next year.

Farstrup-Mortensen Lectures 33rd Annual Presentation - February 23-25, 2018 Enjoy stimulating learning, friendship, singing, folk dancing and good food in Solvang, CA. This lecture series is dedicated to Ejnar Farstrup and Enok Mortenson, pastors and educators who exemplified the Grundtvigian ideal fo developing one's humanity, including the intellect, to its fullest and best extent. This year's theme is "Unbelievable God?" with distinguished speakers Professor John Caputo and Brandon Scott. Dr. Caputo is arguably one of the leading God philosophers/theologians of our time. He was also an associate and interpreter of Jacques Derrida's postmodern deconstructionist philosophy. Dr. Caputo brings us both deep thinking and a delightful flavor of the Parisian cafe culture during the Golden Age of Postmodernism. Dr. Brandon Scott is a leading Biblical scholar of our time, focusing on Jesus' parables and the "New Paul". Dr. Scott's views will challenge all of us to re-evaluate some of the jaded ideas and thoughts of the past.
The cost for all activities is $160. Meals are limited, so reserve by February 15. This includes all lectures, Friday evening wine reception, Saturday lunch and evening banquet and Sunday's discussion panel. You need to make your own arrangements for motels in Solvang or Buellton. Registration forms are available online at

Game Night at Christ the King Lutheran Church
Friday, January 19 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Come one, come all, and bring a friend of any age. If you have a game you may or may not have played for a while, bring it along. Board games: Chess, Checkers, Tri-ominos, Clue, Monopoly, and a table for Canasta or Pinochle. Novices welcome. Bring yourself, a friend, and family and a snack if you want to. We will provide drinks and popcorn.

Lunch Bunch
Love to eat? Love to talk?
Why not join the CTK Lunch Bunch at 1:00pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Cabrillo Park Cafe
4949 Stevenson Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538 510.226.7777

CTK January 2018 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 7 Jan
Baptism of Our Lord
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 14 Jan
Second Sunday After Epiphany
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 21 Jan
Third Sunday After Epiphany
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 28 Jan
Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

CTK February 2018 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 4 Feb
Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 11 Feb
Sixth Sunday After Epiphany
10:00am Lift Your Voices with Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Wednesday, 14 Feb
Ash Wednesday
7:00pm Worship Service with Imposition of Ashes
Sunday, 18 Feb
First Sunday of Lent
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 25 Feb
Second Sunday of Lent
10:00am Lift Your Voices with Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

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