Table Talk

Volume 61 Issue 3-4

March-April 2019

Pastor's Message

Christ the King Lutheran Church, led by the Holy Spirit and directed by the Transition Team is well into the process of identifying and calling a pastor. The journey has involved many hours of prayer, reflection, conversations, investigation, and discrenment by the Transition Team and congregation as to where the Holy Spirit is calling CTK to serve in the months and years ahead.

In addition to congregational analysis and CTK resource assessment, one of the many areas the Transition Team explored are the characteristics of the neighborhood. The Transition Team looked at the changing face of the neighborhood over the last few years and its anticipated change in the future. They have been looking at how might CTK resources be best used to minister to the greater community and what might evangelism look like today and in the years ahead.

During this transition period, CTK, beign a cross culture, is trying to identify ways to be more of a cross-culture congregation. Allow me to explain: We are Christians and as Christians, we look to scripture, tradition, and experience to inform and enlighten us about God and God's love shown to all creation. No place do we see this more than in Jesus' life, death, resurrection and ascension, through and in which we have salvation. The cross, though a symbol of torture, mutilation and crucifixion, is deeply woven into the very fabric of our culture as Christians. It is through the cross we see the extent loving and compassionate God goes to be in relationship with us as individuals and as the whole of creation. In this sense, CTK is a cross culture, i.e. culture of the cross.

In addition, CTK is trying to identify ways to be more of a cross-culture congregation. In our research and investigation, as well as simple observation, we have learned that the Fremont area has changed culturally. The ethnic and socio-economic characteristics are changing at an increasing rate. The latest data on City of Fremont website reports, the City has a population of 226,000 (51% Asian, 33% white, 13% Hispanic, and 3% Black/African American); more than 50% have a Bachelor's degree or higher; dozens of different languages are apoken; 5% of folks are below the poverty line; and though having many homeless shelters and food pantries, many people are hungry and living on the streets and lack proper medical care.

CTK as a cross culture is looking at ways to respond to the needs of the community, ways to miniter to and support our sisters and brothers from different cultures. Just as the early church evangelized and ministered to all, i.e. Jew and gentile, rich and poor, slave and free, male and female, we too are called to evangelize and show mercy and compassion to all our neighbors. The early church faced many struggles in ministry, just as we face. Reaching out to others can be seen as an extremely difficult task, prompting responses such as, "well we never did that before", "we need to worry about only ourselves", "we don't have the resources to do that" and so on. But this has not been the response at CTK. Instead of people responding with, "we can't do that because...", we are responding with, "how might we use out God-provided resources to respond to a hurting world, more specifically, the needs in our community." Though at times it is challenging, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are taking seriously the biblical mandate to participate in the community we live -- to love and care for one another. Praise God!

By the grace of God our journey of growing in understanding of God's love for us al all of creation continues to unfold. And by the grace of God we are energized and blessed to continue serving in our multicultural setting.

Rev. Ray Waespi

Council President's Corner

Alan and I have called CTK our church home since settling in Fremont in 1978--in so many ways, it seems like just yesterday. Neither of our backgrounds are Lutheran--Alan was raised a Mennonite and I was raised Catholic--yet this was the perfect fit for us. Why? For me, the church is made up of many elements but one of the most important is the people of CTK. We have made many friends over the years through the church and also seen many of them move on for various reasons. It has been sad to see the dwindling numbers but on the flip side it has been energizing to see the rebound and the potential for a new exciting albeit different future for CTK. Change happens. I am in awe of the dedication of so many individuals who have given of their time and talents to fight for the survival and metamorphous of CTK--it is so inspiring. This includes serving the many ministries of CTK as well as the day to day business side of running a congregation. I never saw myself in the role of president of this congregation; but I will embrace it with your help and guidance as we continue to move forward.

The Call/Transition Committee has been continuing the process through the Synod of a search for a permanent pastor. In the meantime, we are very fortunate that Pastor Waespi is able and has agreed to continue to serve as our interim pastor.

We are looking forward to opportunities to bring the four ELCA Fremont/Newark congregations together during the Lenten season. More information will be forthcoming.

I am pleased to tell you we ahve concluded our negotiations with Kidango and they will be able to continue their very needed services utilizing our facilities while increasing our income to fund ministries.

At its last meeting, CTK Council approved a charter to sponsor Scouts BSA (previously Boy Scouts of America) Troop 2447 providing a youth driven skills and leadership program opportunity for girls. There are currently 5 girls signed up for the program. They will meet concurrently with the boys Scouts BSA Troop 447.

I am forever amazed by the spirit of volunteerism at Christ the King--we are small but we are mighty. Continued thanks to those who serve.

Yours In Christ

Peggy Claassen

Eternal sanctuary candle for March is given by

Marilyn Shaner in loving memory of her daughter Kimberly Christine

Eternal Sanctuary candle for April is given by

Ina Ketcham in celebration of son-in-law Ralph Boston II, and granddaughter Nia Boston
also given by
Wes, Scott and Cindy Schilling, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in memory of Marilyn Schilling

Chancel Flowers

March 3rd given by Wes, Scott and Cindy Schilling, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in memory of Marilyn Schilling
March 10th through April 7th Lenten Greens donated by Gail Queenan in memory of loved ones.
April 14th Palm Sunday
April 21st Easter Lilies
April 28th given by Christine O'Halloran

Silver Barrel Donations for January 2019

38 boxes of cereal
3 pkgs rice mix; 1 pkg soup mix
1 pkg mashed potatoes
1 pkg pasta; 1 pkg pasta side
5 cans chili; 2 cans black beans; 1 can corn
1 jar peanut butter; 1 bottle salad dressing
4 deodorants; 5 hand sanitizers; 1 aloe vera gel; 10 soap bars
6 toothbrushes; 2 tubes toothpaste
1 bag cat food; 22 packs cat food
1 origami game

Items were dontated by CTK Members, sorted, counted and delivered to Tri-City Volunteers by Bonnie Immeker and RoseAnne Lawrence. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

For March we are focusing on macaroni and cheese, pasta, and pasta sauce. For April, our focus is toilet paper, personal hygiene items and feminine products.
Tri-City Volunteers want you to know they can use donations of cat and dog food in addition to our regular monthly Silver Barrel donations as they have clients who have pets in need of food as well as themselves.

Upcoming Events and News You Can Use

Abode Sock Drive
There is a great need for socks. Abode has given a lot of them out with our cold and rainy weather. We will have an Abode barrel in the narthex for a couple of Sundays for sock donations. They need mens, womens, and childrens socks too, white or colored. Abode says tube socks really work best to fit most people. There is also a special "Sock Envelope" for money donations too! Make checks payable to Christ the King, use the envelope and place it in the offering tray or drop it off in the office.

Lenten Coin Offering
Lenten coin offering is invited again this year. Boxes are available in the narthex. People are asked to roll their own coins. Wrappers will be provied or you may use your own wrappers. Dontations will go to find the CTK Backpack Project.

Tri-City Interfaith Council
Here are the next two free documentaries showing for March and April. Please share this information about upcoming documentaries with your friends and faith community.
March Documentary Come see "The Bail Trap" on Saturday, March 9, 1:30pm at Niles Discovery Church, 36600 Niles Blvd., Fremont. The free screening will be followed by a discussion. Money bail is one of the main feeders of America's mass incarceration system -- and yet something most Americans know very little about. this movie is an opportunity to change that. Learn more at
April Documentary Come see "The Reluctant Radical" on Saturday, April 13, 1:30pm at Niles Discovery Church, 36600 Niles Blvd., Fremont. The free screening will be followed by a discussion. This film looks at the question, if a crime is committed in order to prevent a greater crime, is it forgivable? Is it, in fact, necessary? The film follows activist Ken Ward as he confronts his fears and puts himself in the direct path of the fossibl fuel industry to combat climate change. Learn more at

Note for Thrivent Members
Your 2018 Choice Dollars will expire on March 31, 2019. Thrivent members should direct their 2018 Choice Dollars before they expire. Contributions to Christ the King are always appreciated.

Easter Lilies
Once again, we are inviting you to help decorate the chancel area for our Easter Services. If you would like to provide a lily, please complete a form and place it in the offering plate or return it to the church office by April 14, 2019. Bring your lilies in from April 15 thorugh April 19. Extra forms are also in the narthex or here.

Game Night at CTK
Friday, March 15 from 7pm-9pm
Come one, come all, and bring a friend of any age. If you have a game you may or may not have played for a while, bring it along. Board games stocked include Chess, Checkers, Tri-ominoes®, Clue®, Monopoly®, and a table or two for Canasta and Pinochle. Novices are welcome. Bring yourself, a friend, family and a snack if you want to! We will provide drinks and popcorn.

Boy Scout Troop 447-2447 Pancake Breakfast
May 5 from 9am-12pm at Christ the King Lutheran Church
This is an annual event and is well attended so be sure to get your tickets when the Scouts come by. The Scouts from Troop 447 will be here Sunday, April 21 and April 28 to sell tickets. Ticket price is $10 each for an all-you-can-eat breakfast.

Lunch Bunch
Love to eat? Love to talk?
Why not join the CTK Lunch Bunch at 1:00pm on Wednesday, March 13
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
3100 Newpark Mall
Newark, CA 94560 510.925.2424

Next month join the CTK Lunch Bunch at 1:00pm on Wednesday, April 10
Fremont Hills Assisted Living
35496 Mission Blvd
Fremont, CA 94586 510.585.9864

Everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you.
The Lunch Bunch meets on the second Wednesday of every month.

CTK March 2019 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 6 Mar
Ash Wednesday
1pm Worship Service with Imposition of Ashes
7pm Worship Service with Imposition of Ashes
Sunday, 10 Mar
First Day of Lent / Daylight Savings
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 17 Mar
Second Sunday in Lent
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 24 Mar
Third Sunday in Lent
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 31 Mar
Fourth Sunday in Lent
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

CTK April 2019 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 7 Apr
Fifth Sunday in Lent
9am Animal Blessing in the courtyard 10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 14 Apr
Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday
Worship begins in the courtyard (weather permitting)
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Thursday, 18 Apr
Maundy Thursday
5:45pm Soup Supper in Carlson Hall
7pm Worship Service with hand or foot washing
Stripping of Altar at end of service
Joint Service with sister ELCA Churches
Sunday, 19 Apr
Good Friday
7pm Worship Service
Sunday, 21 Apr
Resurrection of Our Lord/Easter Sunday
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 28 Apr
Second Sunday of Easter
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

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