Table Talk

Volume 59 Issue 11-12

November-December 2017

Council President's Corner

Grace and peace to you in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

This year we reflect on and celebrate the Reformation which occurred some 500 years ago. In addition we also envision what the time ahead will be and how we can participate in helping make the Kingdom a reality. A the end of October you hopefully had a chance to take art in at least one of the Reformation events happening in your area. There have been numerous reformations in the Christian church but this one in 1517 was extremely influential in shaping and forming -- REFORMING -- the way people did church -- how they worshipped but also how they lived out their beliefs. People took to heart that identifying one-self as a Christian, to own and claim that identity meant rendering to God ones whole being. Their actions and behaviors extended beyond Sunday and permeated how they lived in society.

Often we think of the Reformation as a defined period in history, with defined start-stop dates. But the Re-Formation has been occurring throughout history. Now of course during some periods the re-forming may have been rather quiet -- not much action. Some would even say dominant. But when God broke into the world in the form of Jesus, the real reformation began -- and has continued to this day. Though things may have been quiet -- a seed in the ground, though not visible is still a seed, and life at the cellular level, the cellular transformation -- re-formation is occurring. In the same way, the words of the prophets, the wisdom of the saints, the blood of the martyrs, power of the Holy Spirit stirring in our souls is still ever present and has not gone away. Reformation occurred, is occurring, and will continue until time is no more. The re-forming of the church is an unfolding of God's almighty plan. We are participants in the unfoling, not simply puppets where God pulls the strings, not simply spectators watching it all go by, but active participants helping bring about the Kingdom.

We are who we are today because of constant and continuous re-forming. Our behaviors and attitudes, by God's grace, have continued to be re-formed as we grow and learn, as we are accompanied by God on our journey. Our call to discipleship is constantly unfolding as we are formed and re-formed. We all as children of God are always being re-formed and made new. Praise God.

We at Christ the King Lutheran Church are in transition time as we explore: explore who we were, explore who we are, explore who our neighbors are, and explore how we are called to respond in the world. Since out last newsletter, a Transition Team has been formed, met and started the journey of exploration. The Transition Team, along with the Holy Spirit, will guide the congregation and provide opportunities for reflection, individual assessment, congregational assessment, and ultimately in putting together a Ministry Site Profile.

I ask for your prayers for Christ the King, for the Transition Team, and for all those discerning ministry in the months and years ahead.


Pastor Ray Waespi

Council President's Corner

Dear CTK Congregation,

This is my 5th President report, and if you asked Ina, they are always a few days late. I need to start by thanking Ina for all she has done, all she does, and for future work she will do for CTK. She provides the glue, and knowledge to keep the business end of the church running and is the first person I turn to with quesitons. Thank you, Ina, from the bottom of my heart! I also askt he congregation to send you kind words of appreciation for all the extra work you ahve done during this difficult time.

Now some exciting news, the Transition Team had their first meeting on October 21st, and we are off to a good start. Team members include Bunny Dubel, Terry Pearson, Mimi Bauer, Kris Adams, Kevin Bauer, Debbie Ward, Bill Kemp, Pastor Raymond and myself. Please reach out to a team member and tell us your feelings, make suggestions, and volunteer to help. The more people involved the better the result will be. Our first area of our Transition Journey is Heritage. We will be talking about this a lot in the next few Sundays and asking for help. I am optimistic this will be a fun and worthwhile time for CTK and maybe a good time to invite some past members that have moved away to come for a visit.

God bless you and God bless CTK.

Bob Kufeld, CTK Council President

Eternal sanctuary candle for November is given by

Doug and Debbie Ward in celebration of the harvest

Eternal Sanctuary candle for October is given by

Ina Ketcham and Michelle Hughes in honor of their mothers Pauline Ketcham and Theresa Hughes

Chancel Flowers

November 5th given by Doug and Debbie Ward in memory of Anne Springfield
November 12th given by Bonnie and Gary Immeker in celebration of their 49th wedding anniversary
November 19th given by Ina Ketcham in celebration of her aunt Vonna Ketcham's birthday
November 26th given by Marilyn Shaner in memory of my husband Carl Shaner and my beautiful daughter Kimberly Shaner Nathan
December 3rd given by Karen Mueller in memory of her mother
December 10th given by Joe, Janet and Amy in memory of Peggy Tuleen
December 1th given by the Ketcham family, bostom family and Hughes family in celebration of Ina Ketcham's birthday
December 24th through December 31st Pointsettias

Silver Barrel Donations for August 2017

88 spiral notebooks
28 planners
10 three-ring binders, 25 packs of filler paper, 6 sets of index dividers
26 pocket portfolios
1 ruler, 8 erasers, 2 protractors, 2 scissors
3 eight-packs of pencils, 11 packs of colored pencils
2 packs of Crayola markers, 1 box of crayons
6 small packs of Kleenex
1 bag of cat litter, 1 bag of cat food, 21 cans of cat food, 6 cat toys
2 containers of dog food, 1 pet grooming set

Silver Barrel Donations for September 2017

8 packages of diapers, 4 packages of wipes
12 containers of baby food, 1 box of instant oatmeal packets
1 box of Jell-O pudding
1 box of cake mix, 1 box of cookie mix
1 box of chick peas curry
1 chili pepper spice blend, 2 cans of beans
3 cans of green chilis, 1 can of enchilada sauce
1 box of cappuccino mix
9 energy bars, 11 small nut & fruit snacks
20 small bags of chips & pretzels
1 bag of cat food, 4 cans of cat food

Items were dontated by CTK Members, sorted, counted and delivered to Tri-City Volunteers by Bonnie Immeker and Roseanne Lawrence. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

We are focusing on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner items such as canned ham, canned green beans, canned pineapple, Jell-O, cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, canned broth, instant mashed potatoes, etc. Please bring your donations by Sunday, November 12 for Thanksgiving and Sunday, December 17 for Christmas that way we can deliver them to Tri-City Volunteers in time for the holidays. There is an urgent need for food donations because of the large number of families in the tri-city area in need. If you wish to donate a turkey or ham, you may drop it off at Tri-City Volunteers, 27250 Joseph Street, Fremont, Monday through Thursday 10am to 4pm.

Tri-City Volunteers want you to know they can use donations of cat and dog food in addition to our regular monthly Silver Barrel donations as they have clients who have pets in need of food as well as themselves.

Upcoming Events and News You Can Use

Join the Interfaith Thanksgiving Choir Come to two rehearsals with the Interfaith Choir. They will be on Thursday evenings 11/09 and 11/16 from 7:30-8:30pm at Niles Diversity Church, 36600 Niles Blvd, Fremont, to practice the songs the Interfaith Choir will be singing during the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Monday, 11/20. The Interfaith Choir will sing two songs: "Draw the Circle Wide" by Mark A. Miller and "The Journey is Our Home" by Allen Pote. Even if you can't sing in the Interfaith Choir, please plan on coming to the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Monday, November 20 at 7:30pm at St Joseph Catholic Church, 43148 Mission Blvd, Fremont (near the old Mission).

Tri-City Interfaith Council is looking for volunteers at their annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on November 20, 2017. CTK is a member of the Tri-City Interfaith Council, if you would like more information about their upcoming events or to volunteer please contact Laurel King.

Decorating CTK for Christmas Saturday, December 9th at 9am is the time designated to decorate the CTK sanctuary for Christmas. Volunteers are needed to help wiht assembling and decorating the Christmas tree as well as individuals who are willing and able to climb the high ladders to hang wreaths and angels around the sanctuary. Any time you have to donate will be greatly appreciated. With enough help, we will have it completed in less than 2 hours. If you have questions, please contact Roseanne Lawrence at or Gail Queenan at

The Annual CTK Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2017 following the 10:15am worship service (approximately 11:30am). The purpose of the meeting is approval of the 2018 budget. We will also be electing member to the 2018 CTK Council. If you would like to serve on council please contact Pastor Raymond or Bill Kemp. We can always use enthusiastic, energetic members on council.

We are inviting you to help decorate the chancel area for our Christmas services. If you would like to provide a pointsettia, please complete this form and place ti in the offering plate or return it tot he church office by December 17th. Additional forms are available in the narthex and in the Sunday bulletin.

Stewardship and Financial News As we approach the end of another year, we are grateful that we have been able together to support our ministries by being fairly close with income to cover expenses. As in the past, we appreciate and need your end of year gifts for the ministry of Christ the King. For Thanksgiving and Christmas please do what you can to offer gifts of gratitude for our shared ministry here. Always do what you are able, not what you cannot do. And at the same time, please be honest with yourself about how you use all your money and how freeing it can be to share some of it for ministry and for the good it can do for other. Thank you for your participation.

Women's Annual Christmas Dinner All ladies are invited to attend our annual CTK Women's Christmas Dinner at the Olive Garden Restaurant, 39145 Farwell Drive, Fremont on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 6:30pm. Cost iwll be your menu items ordered plus tax and 18% gratuity. In order to provide ample seting for all, please sign the sheet on the table in the Narthex or contact Roseanne Lawrence at no later than December 5. For those who wish to participate in a small gift exchange, bring a wrapped gift not to exceed $10 and after out meal each lady who brought a gift may select a gift of her choice. You will then have the opportunity to confiscate a gift from someone else if you wish to exchange it. No more than two switched per person can take place. It's fun to see what gift you end up with to take home for yours to keep. NOTE: It is NOT mandatory to bring a gift to share if you do not wish to participate in this exchange. Please feel free to invite a guest. Looking forward to seeing you at the dinner!

Lucky Stores stamp collection is back: this time for cookware Lucky Stores has started up a new stamp collecting program to earn cookware. If you shop at Lucky Stores, ask for the paper stamps. There is an envelope with an explalatory brochure on the bulletin board to collect the stamps. A member of St. James Episcopal Church will turn them in as they accumulate for Abode Homewarming families. Program is running from now and into next year.

The Pillow Project We donated 40 pillows stuffed into our hand sewn pillowcases to SAVE (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments) from our Sewing Bee on October 7, 2017.
Since CTK's Social Ministry started the "Pillow Project" in March 2011, to date we have donated a total of 734 hand sewn pillowcases stuffed with new pillows to SAVE. We thank Costco for some of the new pillows. We recieved a monetary donation to be used to purchase items for SAVE. They requested shoes, sandals and flip-flops so 25 of those items were purchased and donated to SAVE along with our pillows in June. We have also donated 8 full size sheet sets, 8 mattress pads, and 13 handmade flannel blankets. This project is funded by individual donations and by Thrivent Activity Teams.

Living Lutheran Magazine (formerly known as The Lutheran) Subscriptions Letters will be mailed in the coming week to all subscribers. Cancellation or renewal forms with payment are due no later than November 30, 2017 to ensure there is no interruption in delivery. If you are not currently subscribed and would like to subscribe please contact Ina Ketchan in the office 510/797-3724 or to have an order form sent to you. Subscription price is $8.95 for one year at our group rate.

Game Night at Christ the King Lutheran Church
Friday, November 17 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Come one, come all, and bring a friend of any age. If you have a game you may or may not have played for a while, bring it along. Board games: Chess, Checkers, Tri-ominos, Clue, Monopoly, and a table for Canasta or Pinochle. Novices welcome. Bring yourself, a friend, and family and a snack if you want to. We will provide drinks and popcorn.
No Game Night is scheduled for December.

Lunch Bunch
Love to eat? Love to talk?
We will be hosted by Jeanne Larson at the Masonic Home, where she resides, 34400 Mission Blvd., Union City 94587. The cost for each person is $12.50, cash only please. We will meet at CTK's church parking lot at 11:30am to car pool, as parking is limited. Jeanne lives in a lovely facility and will give a tour! NEWCOMERS WELCOME, including men! For more information or questions, contact Bunny Dubel.

In December we will not have a Lunch Bunch but ask you to please join the CTK Women's Group for a Christmas Dinner gathering on tuesday, December 19th. Details above.

CTK November 2017 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 5 Nov
All Saints Sunday
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 12 Nov
Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 19 Nov
Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 24 Nov
Christ the King Sunday
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

CTK December 2017 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 3 Dec
First Sunday of Advent
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 10 Dec
Second Sunday of Advent
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 17 Dec
Third Sunday of Advent
9:00am Adult Forum
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 24 Dec
Christmas Eve/Fourth Sunday of Advent
Times and services to be announced
Sunday, 25 Dec
Nativity of Our Lord/Christmas Day
Times and services to be announced

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