Table Talk

Volume 61 Issue 1-2

January-February 2018

Pastor's Message

As we end the 2018 calendar year and begin 2019, are you MAD? I don't know about you, but I hope I am MAD. It is a good time to be MAD. I am not talking about mad, as in being angry, for example, 'I am mad about the poor hospitality the US shows towards migrants.' Though I am angry over the US border policy, the mad I am referring is something a little different. And I am not talking about being mad, as being mentally ill, an outmoded pejorative word. The mad I refer is . . . . MAD - Making a Difference

My intentional journey to be MAD began many several years ago. I was growing more frustrated with our poor stewardship of the world’s resources, e.g. land, minerals, forests, water-bodies, and their inhabitants. I was also noticing the lack of care and compassion folks were sharing. My frustration and anger were negatively affecting my disposition, i.e. they were having an impact on my personality and temperament. Guided by the Holy Spirit, during prayer, reflection, and conversation with others, I realized that for my health and well-being, for the health and well-being of all of God’s creation, I needed to make some personal changes. It dawned on me that, Yes, I do need to be MAD . . . I need to try to make a difference.

I could go on and on about the changes I had made, and the changes I am making, but they are all stuff I am working on. For me it has been a journey and will continue to be a journey of growing in self awareness and Gods love for me and all of creation.

I opened this piece with asking you a question, “Are You MAD?” Each and every one of us as disciples are called to make a difference, speaking to and practicing the Christian faith in a world infected by me-first attitudes, disregard for one another’s humanity, secular dis-ease and fear, etc. We have the opportunity to make a difference with the wonderful assortment of gifts and talents which we have been blessed. Notice in the previous paragraph I was not specific about the stuff I am doing to in making a difference. Yours are different than mine, and your participation and contribution will look somewhat different. It is up to each of us to grow in awareness of our gifts and resource and how, guided by the Holy Spirit, we can best share Gods love and compassion shown to us in Jesus to make a difference in the world.

As you reflect and consider ways to share Gods love, you may need to make some changes. Some of the changes will be easy, others will be difficult and cause some serious challenges. But journey knowing that you are loved and accompanied by the Almighty.

Blessing to you on your journey making a difference.

Rev. Ray Waespi

Council President's Corner

Happy New Year!

As I come to the end of my second term I must step down and let someone else lead us for the next term. It is a good time to reflect back on the past two years to review our journey together; from a surprise early retirement (a decision that worked out well for all parties), to four months of pulpit supply, lay pastors then getting Pastor Ray as our interim pastor. I really enjoyed our look back at CTK history and found it inspiring seeing how a group of dedicated hard-working people were able to build with this legacy.

We were very lucky to find our new music director, Diane Tiller, and our transition team has worked long and hard to develop our Mission Site Profile and it is currently with Synod where they are reviewing and preparing a slate of candidates for us to review. We are currently negotiating a new contract with Kidango and our mortgage will be paid off in late 2019. We plan to have Pastor Ray under contract for the beginning of 2019. Things are looking up for Christ the King.

It is an honor and privilege as serve CTK and I could not have done my job without everyone’s help. We all pulled together to come to this point and we should be very proud of our effort. Our work is not done. We don’t just hire a new pastor and stop. In many ways the next two years will be more important than the last two. And with Gods help we will be ready for that challenge to come.

God Bless CTK

Bob Kufeld

Eternal sanctuary candle for January is given by

Bob and Melinda Kufeld in memory of Mary Lou Kufeld and Sandy Flowers
alos given by
Bob and RoseAnne Lawrence in memory of their son Mike Covey

Eternal Sanctuary candle for February is given by

Ina Ketcham in memory of her father
also given by
Wes Schilling in memory of his wife Marilyn Schilling

Chancel Flowers

January 6th given by Ina Ketcham in celebration of her niece Vicky Leigh Ketcham’s birthday
January 13th given by Ina Ketcham in celebration of her brother William Ketcham’s birthday
January 20th still available for giving
January 27th given by Ina Ketcham in celebration of her special friend Clare Hamm’s 91st birthday
February 3rd Wes Schilling in memory of his wife Marilyn Schilling
February 10th, Joe, Jan and Amy in memory of Peggy Tuleen
February 17th still available for giving
February 24th given by Ina Ketcham in celebration of the birthdays of her grandson Ralph Boston III and great nephews Zachary Murray, Don D. Ketcham IV


We thank the following members for the donation of the Poinsettias which decorate the chancel:

Steve and Kris Adams in memory of Richard Nielsen and Lawson Adams
Joseph and Barbara Allen in honor of Avalon Allen and Jeff Allen and in memory of Randolph Pedigo
John Burnett in memory of his grandparents
Keith Jeffries Glasson in honor of himself
Michelle Hughes in honor of her sister Myra Hughes
Bonnie and Gary Immeker in memory of loved ones
Ina Ketcham in honor of family and loved ones
Melinda and Bob Kufeld in honor of Matt and Katie’s wedding
Bob and RoseAnne Lawrence in memory of their son Mike Covey and in memory of loved ones
Clare Nielsen in memory of Richard Nielsen and Lawson Adams
Debbie, Michael & Cynthia Pollak in memory of Jerry & Jean Bartholomew and Pearl Pollak
Mary Lee Tripi in honor of baby Jesus and memory of Vince Tripi and loved ones
Debbie and Doug Ward in memory of Robert Ward and Charles Lahner

Silver Barrel Donations for October 2018

28 Cans of Vegetables
22 Cans of Fruit
2 Boxes of Cereal
6 Applesauce Cups
15 Cans of Cat Food

Silver Barrel Donations for November 2018

25 Cans of Vegetables
3 Cans of Cranberry Sauce
2 Cans of Sweet Potatoes
2 Cans of Tuna
12 Cans of Chicken Broth
1 Can of Pumpkin
23 Boxes of Mashed Potatoes
8 Boxes of Stuffing

Silver Barrel Donations for December 2018

1 Canned Ham; 10 Large Boxes Mashed Potatoes; 2 Small Packs Mashed Potatoes
8 Boxes Stove Top Dressing; 37 Cans Vegetables; 10 cans fruit; 2 cans Cranberries
6 Cans Soup; 4 Containers Broth; 5 Cans Gravy; 1 Can Olives; 2 Large Cans Pumpkin
1 Can Evaporated Milk; 1 Can Black Pepper; 1- 4 lb Bag Granulated Sugar; 13 Tea Bags
2 Large Boxes Jello; 1- Graham Cracker Pie Crust; 2 Boxes Cocoa Mix (14 packets)
3 Large Bags of Candy; 1 Bag Marshmallows
1 - 13 lb Bag Cat Food; 1 - 6.3 lb Bag Cat Food; 1 Small Can Cat Food, 3 Boxes Cat Food (36 pks)
1 Toothbrush; 1 Tooth Paste

Items were dontated by CTK Members, sorted, counted and delivered to Tri-City Volunteers by Bonnie Immeker and RoseAnne Lawrence. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

For January we are focusing on hot or cold cereal.
Tri-City Volunteers want you to know they can use donations of cat and dog food in addition to our regular monthly Silver Barrel donations as they have clients who have pets in need of food as well as themselves.

Upcoming Events and News You Can Use

2019 Offering Envelopes
The 2019 offering envelopes for the New Year are in the narthex. Please pick them up as soon as you are able. Also, if there are no envelopes for you, and you would like some, please let me know. They do make the job of counting easier. Thank you. Laurel King, Financial Secretary

2019 New Year Sign-Up Sheets
Please be sure to check in the narthex and in the hallway. We especially need volunteers to sponsor flowers, candles and Coffee Klatch.

Removal of CTK Christmas Decorations
Thank you all so much for coming out Saturday afternoon, December 8th to help decorate the CTK sanctuary for Christmas. It always looks beautiful and this is accomplished by your dedicated help every year. We finished in record time. It doesn't take long with enough help. Again, thanks, your help is very much appreciated! Please mark your calendars for January 5 at 3:30pm as the designated time for removal of Christmas decorations from the CTK sanctuary. As before, we'll need many helpers to remove the Chrismons and lights from the tree as well as disassemble the tree and pack it away. Also, we'll need several people who are willing and ABLE to climb the high ladders to remove the wreaths and angels and help with packing the Manger scene and all decorations away for another year. We always appreciate any help you can give and with enough people we are usually done in two to three hours. Refreshments will be provided.

Farstrup-Mortensen Lectures 34th Annual Presentation – February 22-24, 2019
Enjoy stimulating learning, friendship, singing, folk dancing and good food in Solvang, CA. 2019 Series: Was Jesus a Christian? Slated for February 22-24, 2019, our 34th anniversary series will present two distinguished speakers: Pamela Eisenbaum, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Origins at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, and Art J. Dewey, Th.D., Professor of Theology at Xavier University, Ohio. Pamela is a renowned Jewish New Testament scholar and Art is a distinguished teacher, writer, translator, and commentator.

Game Night at CTK Friday, January 18 from 7pm-9pm
Come one, come all, and bring a friend of any age. If you have a game you may or may not have played for a while, bring it along. Board games stocked include Chess, Checkers, Tri-ominoes®, Clue®, Monopoly®, and a table or two for Canasta and Pinochle. Novices are welcome. Bring yourself, a friend, family and a snack if you want to! We will provide drinks and popcorn.

Lunch Bunch
Love to eat? Love to talk?
Why not join the CTK Lunch Bunch at 1:00pm on Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Jack’s Restaurant & Bar
2086 Newpark Mall
Newark, CA 94560 510.789.0027

Next month join the CTK Lunch Bunch at 1:00pm on Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Frodo Joe's Petit Cafe
39286 Paseo Padre
Fremont, CA 94586 510.790.0999

Everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you.
The Lunch Bunch meets on the second Wednesday of every month.

CTK January 2019 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 6 Jan
Epiphany of Our Lord
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 13 Jan
Baptism of Our Lord/First Sunday after Epiphany
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 20 Jan
Second Sunday after Epiphany
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 27 Jan
Third Sunday after Epiphany
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

CTK February 2019 Worship Schedule

Sunday, 3 Feb
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 10 Feb
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 17 Feb
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sunday, 24 Feb
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany
10am Lift Your Voices with the Praise Ensemble
10:15am Worship Service with Holy Communion

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